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Comaro feed-Proteic feed for bees

104,40 1,74 €/Kg (60Kg)
Quantity (Kg)Price (€)
Up to 399 Kg1,74 €
From 400 Kg1,66 €
From 800 Kg1,58 €
From 1.600 Kg1,50 €
From 3.200 Kg1,43 €
Weight: 15 buste da 1 kg
Candi-Pro Comaro is a complementary feed with the addition of extracts of medicinal plants and essential oils.

Nutritional values
90% dry matter composed of 71% sucrose10% Glucose9% Fructose6% syrup3% vegetable proteins1% extracts
Quantity (Minimum order 50 Kg): - +
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Comaro is certified IFS; Standard IFS (International Food Standard) is designed to facilitate the effective selection of suppliers of retail branded food, based on their ability to provide safe products, which conforms to contractual and legal requirements.


Comaro are analyzed at the laboratories Leochimica Ltd and Intertek to certify the quality, while organics honeys are certified by QCertificazioni Srl and all are GMO free.

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