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Since 1870

Founded in 1870, in the Thirties of the last century Comaro grew from a craft lab to a structured company carrying on the Brand to the Top. As for the brothers Valentino and Antonio time ago, even now for Comaro the technical innovation is the main point for the enlargement, like the decision to use a rational conduction of the beehives  and the “Nomadism” technique in which all the nectar crop characteristic of a zone is used before moving the beehives to another sector.


The first big enlargement of the beehives was made in the end of the Fifties from Primo Comaro and with his sons the company obtained new honey varieties  and started to produce Pollen and Bee’s glue preserving the craft connotation of the products.


Claudio after the departure of Primo (his father) and with the help of Elsa (his mother), due to the experience gathered to him, handled the company and gave it an  innovative impulse.
He promulgated a resource about a pest of soybean which had appeared around 1992 in italy. this pest produces a secretion which bees harvested to create a new honey called “Melata ( Forest Honey) and Comaro placed it in foreign markets obtaining a great success.This was possible only with a very deepknowledge of the raw material and of the environment.

Comaro today

Authenticity and quality are the past, the present and the future for Comaro, the unique company in Italy which matches the supplier of Honey in bulk or packed for industrial processor ,big market chains,little or big re packers and Private Label, consultations, teaching and supply of beekeepers equipments with feeds and treatments for bees.